subota, 19. veljače 2011.

Croatian History

Just a quick note, from now on, I will be posting about history of my country. I hope you'll find it intresting. :)

nedjelja, 13. veljače 2011.

Greatest Flash Application EVER!

CLICK HERE to see the most awesome flash app!

"Music Quest uses and Youtube" <- everything you need to know

Just search or browse genres, artist, origin and bunch of  other stuff. You can find new artists and bands you never knew about.

It's great.

petak, 11. veljače 2011.

Another thankyou post

Yeah, my wife just saw all the comment. You guy almost made her cry. She wants to thank every single one of you and so do I! Thanks for the support, and I hope I will be able to post more stuff fast.

Btw, Adam is doing great. He's like the cutest baby ever.

And yeah, I made a complete re-design of blog, what do you think of it?

četvrtak, 10. veljače 2011.

Things are looking good again...

Yup, finally. My little son got home pretty fast, my wife is feeling great, everything seems great. Let's hope it will stay this way.
Actually, what I wanted to say is  THANKS GUYS for the support and commenting. You rule!
Baby's name is Adam. We named him after my dad, his grandpa. This is a long way tradition and I want to keep it that way. So, thanks again guys, and I hope I'll see you soon.

srijeda, 9. veljače 2011.

I'm still alive

Sorry for being innactive few days guys. Lot of things are going on, so I really don't have time for blogging. Once this is all over I will fully commit myself to you mates. And if you're wondering, whats going on, I got a son! :)

ponedjeljak, 7. veljače 2011.

nedjelja, 6. veljače 2011.

Blogger Community - you rock

Just a quick notification about Blogger. It's awesome. I mean, it's my first day, and I already got few followers and around 30 views. I had few blogs on other blog tools but they never got views. So, just wanted to thank you guys for such a welcome for me. I'm hoping for bunch more comments and followers. Greetings from Bob.


Hey I just discovered this awesome browser MMO Game called Adventure Quest Worlds. ( It's looking great by now. Lots of humor, great graphics, interesting story... I suggest you start playing !

First post - Meet Bob

Greetings and welcome to my blog. As you have probably noticed, my name is Bob. I live in New York and I work as a teacher. Math teacher that is. But since everyone hates math (well, almost everyone) I won't post about math on this blog. YAY! So, yeah.. About the blog. I will post things some funny/entertain moments from my everyday life, some tutorials maybe. Some art. Maybe. Well, I guess that's it for the first post. Stay tuned, 'cuz this blog just started!